Artist Statement

As an artist working in the medium of photography, I find myself drawn to the intersection of imagination, character, wisdom, and beauty. My journey in art began at a young age, fueled by a deep-seated obsession with capturing moments through the lens of a camera.  It felt natural to create sets and cast the actors, building the photograph from the ground up.  Influenced by my mother’s early documentation of our lives and my own infatuation with classic film, I strive to infuse a sense of storytelling into my work.

My photography is a blend of conceptual and performative elements, where meticulous planning converges with spontaneous moments of expression. Each image is a narrative in itself, unfolding a tale that transcends the boundaries of reality. At that same time, I seek to explore and convey a sense of truth through my art, embracing the unexpected beauty of the unplanned.

In my creative process, I find liberation in the internal struggle between controlling the narrative and letting go of that control to allow the images to take on a life of their own. This element of performative spontaneity adds a dynamic layer to my work, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the visual storytelling and discover new perspectives of their own.

Through my photography, I aim to challenge perceptions, evoke emotion, and spark conversations that resonate with the essence of heartbreak, dreams, childhood fears and mortality:  the human experience. Each image is a reflection of my inner world, a manifestation of my beliefs, and a celebration of the diverse narratives that shape our reality.

Artist Bio

Ben Easter's artistic journey is a testament to the fusion of diverse influences, a commitment to storytelling, and an engagement with sociocultural themes. His early foray into photography, beginning with imaginative staged photoshoots in childhood, and the support he received through scholarships at the Des Moines Art Center, are testament to the early roots of his creative development. Additionally, Ben's experience in acting in Hollywood alongside some of the most successful in the industry, has imbued his art with a unique storytelling perspective from both in front of and behind the camera.

From working behind the camera in the south of France to exhibiting in Paris, Ben's international experiences underscore the global impact of his art. His commitment to confronting important societal issues, as evidenced by the "Confliction" exhibition at the Polk County Jail in Des Moines, Iowa, providing insight regarding children and their incarcerated parents, showcases the depth and relevance of his work. The fusion of still photography and video production in this project, garnered a Regional Emmy Award.

His commercial photography journey, serving clients including The Obama Campaign, the US Department of State, and Goldman Sachs (client list available upon request).  Ben's curation of "Double Take" at the Des Moines Art Center, in collaboration with Senior Curator Laura Burkhalter, exemplifies his influence and involvement in shaping the artistic discourse within the community.

Ben's mentorship under Stephen Katz, the esteemed cinematographer from the iconic "Blues Brothers" film, reflects a lineage of expertise and creativity in visual storytelling. His approach to his work in photography parallels the comprehensive process of film production with meticulous attention to planning and preparation that is involved in the production of his images.

Ben Easter's career reflects his dedication and commitment to storytelling, via an engagement with sociocultural themes. His work resonates not only for its technical achievement but also for its commentary on the human experience.



Double Take

September 1, 2023

Des Moines Art Center


Ghost at the Feast

July 14, 2021

Moberg Gallery

Des Moines, Iowa 

“Death in the Family” series,  Belle Morte Collective

Photography as Response

October 6, 2018

The Center for Fine Art Photography

Fort Collins, CO

“Death in the Family” series, Belle Morte Collective

Ft2 Built

Des Moines Art Center 

September 17, 2016

“Still Moving” Series

Up Speak

Curated by Larassa Kabel

August 26, 2016

“Blanket” Series, Belle Morte Collective

Are We Global Yet? The Art and Politics of Public Space (including the virtual)

Curated by Lenore Metrick-Chen, November 13, 2015- February 23, 2016

Anderson Gallery at Drake University

“Quade”, “Quade right here”

Works on Paper

September 5, 2014

Moberg Gallery

Des Moines, Iowa

Untitled India Series


January 31, 2014

Moberg Gallery

Des Moines, Iowa

“Connected”, “Disconnected”


Hollywood Dream

September 20, 2013 

Espace Faubourg

Paris, France


September 15, 2013

Polk County Jail

“Confliction” Series

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